"NEXT is my mantra! I like to be a warrior and often re-invent myself and things around me as well. Life is to be lived at its fullest! OM"
Athina Marturet
Photography: Anibal Mestre Wong for Awww! Projects.
Production: Hector Hernáiz.
Text: Hever Rondon & Victoria Hernáiz.



On May 30th 2015 we had the privilege to attend the annual MISO "Big Hats & Bow Ties" brunch in Miami.

This fundraising event was an iconic musical journey where key influencers in the artistic and cultural scene came together to exchange ideas and enjoy a special evening along with collaborating with MISO in their effort to helping Miami students, senior citizens and general people getting closer to arts and education. The Miami Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Maestro Eduardo Marturet, his wife Athina Marturet and the Advisory Board chose Estiatorio Milos to host this selected group of guest. We had the pleasure of meeting these guests and capture their feelings and emotions as well as the magical vibe of the event - creating a "Supporting Symphony". 

We want to thank and congratulate Maestro Marturet, Athina, one of Awww! Projects' muses, and the rest of the hosts for this Awwwesome event.


"I think what makes me Awwwesome is my honesty and authenticity. Hot music and chili peppers!"
Maestro Eduardo Marturet.
"What makes me Awwwesome is my appreciation for people of all colors and those who approach original and risky projects. I hate to hurt people's feelings. I forget quickly and I am not resentful"
Athina Marturet
"If I had the chance to play in a movie, I would be Beatrix "Black Mamba" Kiddo (Uma Thurman) in Kill Bill"
Sofia Joelsson

"My life's soundtrack would be a symphony of love for my wife Athina!"
Maestro Eduardo Marturet
"My idea of happiness is the ability to enjoy the unpredictable, because surprises, good or bad, must be assimilated as a positive part of your life"
Maestro Eduardo Marturet
"For me beauty means being kind and generous to those surrounding you"
Alexa Wolman

"My favorite holidays are Christmas. Holidays are about traditions, but it's not just for gifts and for fashion. Holidays are for investing your time in the people that actually matter in your life. It's about taking an overnight flight to see your family in a different state or just going across the street for a neighbors dinner"
Barbara Becker

"My favorite word is Style. (Figure out why)!"
Elysze Held

"My idea of happiness is to feel peace and smile!"
Ana Sofia Tarbay
Lisu Vega showing her beautiful 3-month pregnancy.
"My favorite place in Miami, MISO"
Andreea Baclea

"I don't have any unfulfilled fantasy, I've done everything I could do on my own"
Susanne Birbragher

"Being myself is what makes me Awwwesome, I never intended to be someone else, so I feel great doing what I love to do"
Eli Bravo
"My favorite hobby is ultra running"
Bronwyn Miller

"My favorite holiday is Easter because of the colors!"
Maria Beguiristain

"Intelligence is what inspire me the most because it is the most important asset a person can have"
Suzy Buckley Woodward

Andreea Baclea & Regina Moody.

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