"I want to convey and generate emotions in each one of my photographs"


He tells stories, tales built through photography, that no one could refute. In his images, Anibal Mestre Wong (Maracaibo, Vzla. 1977) has explored atmospheres and moods of a broad and diverse group of the most important figures of his native Venezuela, Latin America and USA. People from the culture, art, entertainment, sports, business and politics space have been recorded through the lens of his camera in photographs that go beyond the commonplace and distinguished from uniformity. The most important magazines of Venezuela and Latin America have published his work: Hola, OK!, Harsper’s Bazaar, Complot Magazine, Todo en Domingo, Eme, Play, Estampas, UB, Velvet, among others. With an intimate and genuine look, this artisan image does project feelings, ideas and emotions in a story. He is, ultimately, an artist of his trade, obsessed by image, a hunter of detail and, above all, a browser without limit.

Since 2008, motivated by his passion for creating images, he has been dedicated to capture those emotions and experiences of the surrounding environment, and now he has a window through Awww! Projects, a digital platform that condenses his personal vision and where, in addition to showing his aesthetically clean photographs, experimental works of unconventional techniques with different effects and textures can be seen. This project allows knowing more intimately characters of fashion, art, entertainment and cultural activities through portraits, which freezes the strength and security of a character or, on the contrary, their vulnerabilities and fears. An expressive duality characteristic which defines Awww!’s work.